Hubspot additional fields Property

Hi team, I don’t understand how the Hubspot node works
the property.

How do I indicate the option of the property I want to update on hubspot ?

For exemple on this photo, when i clic on “cycle de vie” How can i update my contact with option " A postuler" ?

Thanks for all :slight_smile:

Is that a custom field? If so, go to contact:create/update and under additional fields, you can find the custom fields.

What you are showing me in the picture it’s the properties the operation will return.

Hello, I have some hard time with custom fields on n8nxHubspot myself.

Once I have chosen in the Additional Fields → Properties → and the Properties key, I don’t know how to set the value for that key. Here are some screenshots to make myself clear :wink:

Step 1 : Choice of the Properties key in the Select Dropdown

Step 2 : How do I set the value for the selected Property Key ?


Welcome to the community @tpatulacci

Not sure if I fully understand. What type is the custom field? If it’s a string, then you do what you did. If it’s another type that needs a JSON value, you can set the JSON value within double brackets. For example: {{ { value: 1 } }}

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In Properties dropdown, it’s not output values, but it rather contains all the custom fields we have created on Hubspot. So after we pick one of the properties, we expect to be able to enter a value to picked Property. Properties is different from Lead Status for example for which the dropdown contains all the possible output values for Lead Status.

Sorry I can’t share video nor more than 1 picture, so I write the steps :

  1. I click on the button “Add Field”
  2. I select Properties
  3. A dropdown list appears
  4. In the dropdown List, I choose one of the properties called “Besoins FG”
  5. A tag/chips “Besoins FG” appears in the dropdown
  6. As I want to enter a value for the custom field “Besoins FG” I click on “Add Expression”
  7. In expressions, it’s written besoins_fg
  8. I don’t what to do to specify a value for besoins_fg
  9. “Besoins FG” is a multiple checkboxes field type on Hubspot. Possible values are “Pic”, “100%”, and “distance”
  10. I should rewrite expression like this {{ {besoins_fg: ‘Pic’} }} or something like this ?

Sorry i’m a complete newbie to n8n. Your product is awesome, I am very impressed by the number of nodes you have, congrats ! And congrats for Serie A that announces tremendous features :wink:

Glad that you like the project.

To answer your question. Assuming that the option you want to select is called ‘option1’ then the expression has to be set as {{ "option1": true }}


My n8n version is 0.111.0

I don’t see this on my interface :

I have this :

Oooooh, I have selected “Properties”, but I should had selected rather “Custom Properties”, right ?

What is “Properties” for ?

Thanks for your help

Yes, correct. Properties it’s to set all the fields that the API will return once the operation is executed.

It worked !! Thank you very much for your help. The question is resolved :wink:

Ahh glad that it worked. Have fun.

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