Hubspot and set to flatten the properties

I’m quite new to n8n and I’m having trouble to flatten the data coming out of an http request from Hubspot. I used an http request as I couldn’t get some properties via the GET from the Hubspot node of companies.

I’d like to obtain a table of city, nuts2 and name of company but at the moment I only get a first line. It seems that with the numbering in Results[0] push out only the first row.

Any thoughts?


Hi @Thibaud_Dubrule, welcome to the community :tada:

Assuming you probably want to use an Item Lists node before our Set node here. The Item Lists node lets you split out your results field, essentially creating a single item for each element inside this field:


One you have one item for each result you can use an expression like {{ $ }} to read the city of every single item.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions on this :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MutedJam that was exactly what I needed.

Sorry still beginner after switching from Make!

Have a great day,


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