Hubspot chatbot <> Discord

Hello n8n community!

I’m wondering if there is a way to connect the Hubspot chatflows (or chatbot) to my discord (i-e receiving a Discord message when someone start a conversation on the chat).

It doesn’t seem to be in the Hubspot trigger node so I’m assuming it’s not possible but just thought I’d ask!


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Hey @Barberg, it seems Hubspot’s documentation is not currently loading for me. If their documentation is working for you it might be worth checking if there is any way of configuring a webhook that would fire whenever a new conversation starts.

If so, you could then use the webhook node in n8n to listen for such webhooks and further process them (and send them to Discord).

Hi @MutedJam ! Thanks for the reply :smiley:
That’s a great idea, I’ll see if it’s possible, thanks a lot!

I also thought of an other work around, i’ll share it here in case someone is interested: Create a property “chatbot started” on Hubspot. Then in Hubspot create a workflow that changes the value of this property every time some one start the chat. Then in n8n I used the Hubspot trigger 'contact property changed" to send a message on discord when a triggered.

It’s not perfect though so I’ll try the webhook as well!

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