Hubspot connector plans


I’m reviewing the Hubspot connector, and I’m reaching the conclusion that it might be a bit too basic for my needs (multiple pipelines for deals, custom fields to update on account creation, custom objects to work with).

Two questions:

  1. Is my sense correct: that the current connector only supports basic / vanilla needs?
  2. Assuming I am correct in point 1, do you plan to expand the Hubspot connector features?

I think that the existing connector will play a useful part in my solution, but I’ll need to use them along with http requests.


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Hey @scottjscott,

There is a good chunk of things the connector can do but as you have noticed it doesn’t have everything.

There is always a good chance for a node to be improved by n8n or even us community memes but it would likely be based on necessity and / or requests for features.

It might be worth opening a feature request and included a few examples of what you want to do as a starting point as some of them could be quick changes.