Hubspot node doesn't return Contact properties with getMany


It seems the HubSpot node doesn’t return the requested contact properties (for example, phone number) when using getMany on resource Contact and when using the option “Contact properties to include”, the node always return the four same properties firstName, lastName, company and lastmodified but not the requested properties.

Is there a way to see the exact HTTP API query this node does for debugging if it comes from the node itself, or if it’s Hubspot API not returning the properties ?

BTW, I was using self hosted n8n 0.236 and updated to 1.9.3, and also recreated the node (in case versions changes), but it doesn’t change anything.


Hi @Gabriel_Barazer :wave: Welcome to the community! :tada:

Hubspot can be very finnicky with the credentials, generally when it comes to scopes. If you have too few or two many scopes assigned, sometimes odd behaviour happens :see_no_evil: Can you double check your scopes here? HubSpot credentials | n8n Docs

Also, are you able to get the same fields outside of n8n with the same credentials, with something like Postman or Insomnia?

One final question - are you trying to get the phone number of the contact through an expression?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply !
I still have to check for the scope, but what I find odd is that I can get the phone number using the Get method and specifying the contact ID using the same token.
I don’t use expressions in this, just using the Hubspot node with the “Contact Properties to Include” and selecting “Phone number”.
Using GetMany, the phone number “phone” is not in the properties field of the result, whereas using Get + ID it is present.


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Hi @Gabriel_Barazer - were you ever able to figure this out? I am having the same issues as you. None of the specified Contact properties included in the “get many” operation are returned by the Hubspot node. There seems to be a default set of contact properties that are always returned regardless of what attributes are added to the “Contact properties to include” text box.

I was able to workaround this by using the HTTP Request node (same Hubspot credentials) and passing the properties in comma separated as a “properties” query parameter (see below). I’m just wondering if this is a known issue by the support team with the Hubspot node. Hi @EmeraldHerald are there any updates? Thanks!


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