Hubspot node : get all contacts from a contact list

Hey all,

I’d have a few questions about the Hubspot node.

I’d like to get contacts that belong to a Hubspot contact list.

  • Is there a way to filter contacts that are in a contact list ? I couldn’t find one.
  • I cannot get more than 100 contacts even with the « get all contacts » option. Is that a bug ? Any workaround ?

By the way, when I click on tooltip question mark icon, N8N crashes and I lose my progression :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you very much for your help ! I’m still new to N8N, slowly migrating from Integromat.

Hey @AntoineDsh, welcome to the community!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the Hubspot node here. I tried reproducing your problem with fetching more than 100 contacts, but had no problem doing so:

Can you confirm how many contacts exactly you currently have in HubSpot and which n8n version you’re currently using?

Once we have sorted out the problem with fetching contacts we should be able to filter them by their list membership afterwards, but let’s take one step at a time :slight_smile:

As for the question mark icon, I have clicked a few of these but didn’t manage to crash my n8n instance. Could you share a screenshot showing the exact icon you clicked on?

Thanks so much!

Hi @MutedJam !

Thank you for your answer.

My contact list contains 25k contacts and I’m running on [email protected] on

I recoded a video just to show you my hubspot config and how the tooltip icon make my tab crash. It doesn’t happen every time but still quite often. Not only in the hubspot node, it can happen in any node on any tooltip. Generally clicking a few of them in 2-3 module allows to reproduce the bug with 100% chance.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks @AntoineDsh, I am not usually a fan of videos but this one is really helpful! I can see the Search operation of our Hubspot node is clearly not working as expected when Return All is enabled and could also confirm this on my end.

I shall add this to our internal bug tracker so the team can take a closer look at what’s wrong here.