Hubspot to Bigquery double values

Hi n8n!

I’m a rookie in n8n and I would really appreciate your help with a problem I’m facing.

So, I linked Hubspot to Bigquery, but every time that the Cron node is activated it is doubling my values in Bigquery. I think my problem is at the Hubspot node and the type of operation I chose. Anyone has any idea on how to change the ‘operation’ part in the Hubspot node? I have made 4 tables on Bigquery: Contact, Deal, Engagement, Company – with GET ALL choice.

According to n8n docs these are my possibilities for the operation choice:

  • Deal: Create/Delete/Get/Get All/Get Recently Created/Get Recently Modified/Search/Modified
  • Engagement: Create/Delete/Get/Get All
  • Company: Create/Delete/Get/Get All/Get Recently Created/Get Recently Modified/Search by Domain/Update
  • Contact: Create-Update/Delete/Get/Get All/ Get Recently Created-Updated/Search

Thanks in advance!

Hey @dre, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. Can you share a dumbed down example workflow using which the problem can be reproduced? If you check the execution details of your workflow, where does the doubled value first appear? When you read data from Hubspot or only when you store it in BigQuery?

Hey @MutedJam, thank you for answering!
I attached a photo of my workflow. The thing is, I put a Cron to get the data everyday at a certain time. For example, I have only 7 deals in Hubspot, and when I check Bigquery, I have the same values getting sent there everyday (Day 1 - 7 deals, Day 2 - 14 deals …). I think my problem is in my Hubspot node where I clicked GET ALL. :confused: