Hubspot Trigger credential

Hello together,

i am currently trying to set up a hubspot trigger in n8n. The Hubspot Node works fine so far. It was easy to set it up with the n8n doc. here -->

Somehow I can not get the trigger to work. I have to create new credential for the Hubspot trigger.

Can someone help me to set the credentials for the Hubspot trigger?

Yes the Hupspot API is sadly a little bit more complicated. They have different API keys and with each of them different actions are possible. For webhooks, the special Developer API Key is necessary. We sadly do not have documentation for it yet.

This I hope will help for now:

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Thank you Jan. It wasn’t that easy to set up the different credentials. However, at least it works now.

Great to hear (the second part). We should have proper documentation for it soon.

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The documentation has been updated here :slight_smile:


Hi @jan @Hueseyin
I tried to setup a Hubspot Trigger node but can not make it run because of connection error.
I have a Hubspot Developer Account, I created an App for n8n communication and now I have

  • App ID
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

and the

  • Developer API Key
  • User ID

Can somebody tell me wich IDs/Key I need and where I need to copy it in the n8n Hubspot Trigger mask. The documentation doesn’t show that explicitly…

Welcome to the community.

For the trigger you need just Client Secret and Developer API Key. The trigger credentials will ask you for those two keys.

Hi @RicardoE105, thanks for helping me.

Ok, Again I set up a trigger with Developer API Key and Client Secret.
And in the main panel of my node I put the App ID in the App ID field.
Inside the App config panel in HubSpot I activated all Areas, the URLs I left all empty.
When trying to execute the node I get an error message:


Any thoughts what’s wrong?

It seems to work now. I deleted old webhook entries in my HubSpot dev account, and triggered the API with the test function. So far good. But now I’m struggling with connecting the app with my normal HubSpot Account. I set up the installation URL and ran it in my browser. Then I selected my account, got the message, that installation worked and got redirected. But when I try to trigger now from my HubSpot Account nothing happens on n8n side… Hope someone can advise…

Hey @jtiebel!

Did you activate your workflow? To run the Trigger nodes in production you have to Activate the workflow. To activate the workflow you can toggle Active to true on the top right.

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 1.14.12 PM

Also, note that when you’re running in production you won’t see the output in the Editor UI. However, you can check your executions by selecting the Executions options from the menu bar on the left.

Hi @harshil1712

yes, workflow is activated and for test reasons I set up a simple workflow that sends an email to me when HubSpot node is triggered by creating a new company in my HubSpot.


When using the test trigger function from my HubSpot developer account it works well. I receive an email and can see the execution of the workflow in my n8n execution overview as you mentioned.

I think the problem is that the app is not installed in my HubSpot account. What I tried is to install the app with the “Installation-URL (OAuth)”. But I don’t know what I have to enter in the redirect URI field. So I entered my website address there to receive an installation URL for the app. This link works than so far that I don’t get an error message and I’m getting asked to select the HubSpot account I want to connect to. Afterwords I get forwarded to my website - as defined. But when I check my HubSpot account after installation there is no app installed.

In summary I think the credential problem is solved since I can trigger my workflow with the test trigger in the dev account. But now Im struggling with connecting the app with my regular HubSpot account from where I finally want to trigger.

Can someone tell me how I can activate the n8n app in my regular HubSpot account, that a company creation there functions as trigger on n8n side? Thanks much for your help!

In Addition: Found this article now and as far as I understand I receive a token added to the redirect URL after installation. But I do not know what I need to do with this token…?!…?code=f3ea8bcc-a65b-400c-88fa-bfdf4b800c42

Sorry, maybe all these questions are stupid, but for a non tech person it’s quite challenging to find out how it works…

can anybody assist please who has ever done that?! Thank you very much. Or shall I open a new specific topic for that?

Hey @jtiebel!

This seems to be a question more suited for HubSpot and not n8n. You can ask this question on HubSpot’s forum.

ok, make sende. I’ll try. However, If anybody can share knowledge I’m really happy to receive feedback! Thx