Hubspot Trigger Issue

Hi I am trying to use the Hubspot Trigger node but i’m facing the following error. I have provided all the scopes mentioned here: HubSpot | Docs.

The scopes I have provided to the app are:

  • oauth
  • crm.objects.contacts (read),
  • crm.schemas.contacts (read),
  • crm.objects.companies (read),
  • crm.schemas.companies (read),
  • (read),
  • (read),

Can you help me out with how I can avoid this error?

Hey @Saandhy_Ganeriwala1, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. Authenticating the Hubspot Trigger node is a pain unfortunately. Unless you absolutely need the trigger functionality I find it usually much simpler to simply poll data from Hubspot in regular intervals using your regular API key.

As for the trigger, have you checked out this mega thread on the topic? It might have some additional pointers as to what might be failing here.

thanks @MutedJam used the simple Hubspot node for my usecase :slight_smile: