Human in loop workflow

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Does N8N is having this concept?
If some external inputs are required then workflow should ask for human input before executing next steps.

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Hi @abhilash, you can implement a scenario like this using the Wait node. It can stop the execution of a workflow until a webhook request is made. Assuming you are waiting for a GET request, this could for example be triggered by a user opening a link in an email.


Thanks @MutedJam.
I am trying the approach. I am getting this below error.


This looks like you’re using wrong settings in your SMTP credentials. You might want to try and disable the SSL/TLS switch in your SMTP credentials if the server (or the port) you are connecting to uses STARTTLS instead.

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any alternative instead of smtp?

You can use the link in any node, it doesn’t have to be the Send Email one. So you could also use it in Slack, send it out via a text message, or push it to an API if you like.

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Thanks I will check.