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I am investigating replacing with another workflow solution. The workflows in our application involved publishing activities. Some of the tasks are automated and others have to be done by a person. Is there a way to have a human task that would would be assigned to a person? There would be a web form assigned to the task that they user would see in their portal.

Could we create a custom step that has different action outputs? The user may fill out some information and choose to continue or they might reject the current step which would cause the flow to go back to a previous step (that we chose).

This is an example of a workflow in DWKit.

DWKit doesn’t have the integrations into other systems (which would be really useful). It is essential that we can assign tasks to users during the workflow and the response from the user would affect the next step in the workflow (e.g. continue, reject, notify, transfer).


Hi @Chris_Hubbard, welcome to the community!

n8n does allow you to wait for a user decision, though right now does not have a functionality to serve a full UI automatically. So depending on the channel you want you might need to write a bit of custom HTML to match your needs.

The basic logic could be implemented using the Wait node. This can wait for incoming HTTP requests/webhooks (which can be triggered by user interactions).

Assuming you want to send an email to a user with two options (Continue and Reject), your n8n workflow could look like so:

This will send out an email like this:

In this email, I am using the resumeUrl provided by my Wait node and attach a query parameter indicating the user’s choice (either action=continue or action=reject). The workflow path will then depend on the value of this query parameter when the users clicks the link. In my example only the “Continue” path runs:

This is of course not limited to emails, it would work just as well in Slack messages or text messages for example. You can also add more options/query parameters as needed.

Hope this makes sense and helps :slight_smile:


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