I am Getting error to add the Credentials

Getting this error in private key:
error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line
can you please suggest me the solution asap?

Hey @Pushpendra_Yadav,

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That looks like the key doesn’t contain the ----- begin private key ----- line at the top, Can you double check that the field field starts with that and ands with the ---- end private key ---- line.

hey @Jon



Is it correct?

Hey @Pushpendra_Yadav,

That looks to be correct but I would strongly recommend making a new one and revoking that one as it will now give anyone on the internet access to your account, Never share a private key on the internet.

Hey @Jon
Thanks for the help in private key part!
What is space name or ID in Google chat node ?
What i have to write here?
Please help me out!

Hey @Pushpendra_Yadav,

I am not sure on what the ID or space name would be, It looks like it should be an ID from the URL so if the URL is https://mail.google.com/chat/u/0/#chat/space/AAAAXABC123 the ID would be AAAAXABC123

I am not able to execute my google chat node because i was getting the error (“resource filed can not found the response”)i used the message in the resource field.
What should i do now?
please give suggestion

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