I can not connect to Hubspot app

Hi, i’ve been trying to connect to the ‘Hubspot Oauth 2.0 API’ and i have two issues:

  1. when trying to login with with button ‘connect my account’ it fails
  1. if we try to use hubspot ‘Developer API’ insted on Oatuh 2.0, is asking for ‘Developer API Key’ and apparently this i depreacted in Hubspot

Can you please point us on the right direction?


Hi @Marcel_Safont - welcome to the community! :tada:

Hubspot can be a little tricky to authenticate because it requires some pretty specific permissions - have you checked out the documentation here?

You’ll need to create an app with some very specific scopes (listed in that doc). If you run into trouble, let us know what step you’re having problems with!

Hi there,

Thank you for the quick response.

Yes i did set the scopes as mentioned in documentation, but still facing same issue here.

As far as i can tell this permissions look correct.

And also I’m still trying to understand what is the value in this field when i’m creating credentials for Hubspot

Since this seems to be deprecated in Hubspot and its required in n8n


Hi @Marcel_Safont - that’s strange, I’m going to flag this with engineering and raise a ticket. I’ll let you know when I have any updates!

In the meantime, you can use an App Token for the regular node (not trigger node), by following these instructions and going through the Private Apps documentation on Hubspot.

By the way, for when this is working for you again, Hubspot is a little bit of a pain to authenticate. The developer key that we’re asking for isn’t deprecated - you can find instructions here:

Hi there,

Its working now using the Developer API of the screenshot you send

Thank you so much

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Glad to hear you got it sorted!