I created a ChatGPT plugin dedicated to n8n workflows for help and search, anaylaze!

I use n8n daily, both for myself and for my fans. Because of that, I search a lot and use ChatGPT (OpenAI API) in my daily n8n routine. I’ve even built a lot of prompts for n8n to get the best answers, such as getting regex codes, fixing the current expression syntax, and getting explanations for my current node error responses.

Now, I’ve combined all my use cases and prompts into this plugin, which will not just be a place where the useful prompts are, but also a time saver for searching in the n8n Community, n8n Docs, and n8n GitHub. This plugin has access to any public source on the internet belonging to n8n and can search and provide your solution based on results.

  • As I mentioned before, this plugin is unofficial, and it’s just a simple use case to help the n8n community who use ChatGPT to get help for n8n.
  • Since the plugin is hosted and maintained by OpenAI, you are required to purchase a ChatGPT Plus Subscription to be able to use this plugin.