I didnt receive Course Level 1 Quiz Results

Hi, I completed course level 1 workflow and quiz, however I didnt receive any email of the results or completion.

Could you please help? Email is [email protected] Unique ID is:8705885aae641ef0b296b4db68bfe1b3

Hi @greg.lopez, welcome to the community!

I am so sorry for this. Perhaps @Jon can take a look into this when he has a bit of time?

Hey @greg.lopez,

I have taken a look and given the backend a manual run for you, You should have an email now. It looks like you did the test at the end but didn’t do any of the practical steps.

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Thanks @Jon, Ive ran again the workflow steps and got everything completed but it says the the certificate is not awarded to anyone, please find attachment.

Hey @greg.lopez,

We don’t issue certificates anymore, I should probably update that page to reflect that, 167% on the workflow is impressive as well I need to look into that.

Thanks @Jon , will I receive any badge then? Or how can I validate my completion of the Course Level 1?

Hey @greg.lopez,

I was just checking that now, Normally the quiz would be the last thing you do which is when the badge is issued. I need to add a check for out of order completions

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I also haven’t received my level 1 course latest results, Unique ID: ff1001e4456a02a1e433f6b6ab36ce14

Hey @neerajkumar,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

It looks like you have not completed the theory correctly, Try taking the test again.