I don't receive messages from the telegram bot

I don’t receive messages from the telegram bot. I create a telegram bot message trigger and during the test messages sent to the bot do not come to n8n. n8n is installed on my local server, via npx. I start n8n in the console through the command “n8n start --tunnel”. Telegram api bot connected correctly

Hi @alekseymoskvin2000, welcome to the community :tada:

I am sorry you’re having trouble. Are you perhaps using multiple triggers? The Telegram trigger node uses webhooks under the hood and iirc Telegram only keeps the most recently registered webhook (and discards everything else).

This also means that manually executing your workflow would replace the webhook used for production executions of your workflow. So after manually executing your workflow you would need to re-enable it for incoming messages to be retrieved.

and what should I do in this case? or how to fix this problem so that it no longer occurs?

The solution would be to only use a single trigger node per Telegram bot.

That’s what I do, I use only one bot per trigger

Could this be a simple misunderstanding of how n8n works? Only if you are manually executing your workflow would you see data coming in live on the canvas.

If you have simply activated your workflow you’d see the execution data only in the execution list.

Are other webhooks working for you?

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