I have a crash with n8n worker at newest version

I had a crash error in worker
Could you check it, please?

n8n worker is now ready
 * Version: 0.215.0
 * Concurrency: 10
Last session crashed

If you say a worker crashed, I assume you self host n8n on your own hardware. So there is nothing we can check.

I use docker on google cloud. Everything is good on old n8n version.
See “crash” in your n8n error notify, I have no idea.

The last version I test which is ok: 0.210.0
That seems nothing reach to webhook, or worker crashed at new versions
(At newest redis version)

Starting n8n worker...
n8n worker is now ready
 * Version: 0.210.0
 * Concurrency: 10
Start job: 1 (Workflow ID: 75 | Execution: 157162)

The issue got found and a new version with the fix gets built right now. Will report here once it is ready.

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New version [email protected] got released which includes the following GitHub PR 5461.

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