I have some question about worker and queue

Hi, I read queue document, but I 'm not clear at something:

  1. Could I run worker in the same docker with main n8n instance?
    Is worker docker variable like the same as n8n instance, when I created a worker instance?

  2. When I run a worker with command n8n worker, one by one new worker created, doesn’t it? Does worker have different name or ID?

  3. How could I remove a worker from list?

To your questions:

  1. No, they have to be different instances. So for the absolute minimum configuration, you require three running docker containers: 1x n8n-main-instance, 1x n8n-worker-instance, 1x Redis-instance
  2. Yes, guess they all get some unique identifier
  3. You stop the worker

n8n uses bull. So if you wonder about the inner workings you can find more information here:


So, I need to set 3 dockers below:

But I do not find way to connect worker docker with redis or main docker
Do I miss something here?

  1. Main docker with variables:


  2. Redis docker with variables:

    docker run --name some-redis -p 6379:6379  -d redis
  3. Worker docker with variables:

    docker run --name worker01 -p 5679:5678 n8nio/n8n n8n worker


You can find an example in the original PR:

  1. Start redis:
docker run --name redis -it --rm redis
  1. Start n8n main process
docker run -it --rm --name n8n-main -p 5678:5678 -e EXECUTIONS_MODE=queue -e QUEUE_BULL_REDIS_HOST=redis --link redis:redis -v ~/.n8n:/home/node/.n8n n8nio/n8n n8n start --tunnel
  1. Start as many of the worker processes as you like:
docker run -it --rm -e QUEUE_BULL_REDIS_HOST=redis --link redis:redis -v ~/.n8n:/home/node/.n8n n8nio/n8n n8n worker
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Thanks, it is helpful

I read that docker not recommend to use --link
Could I set up it by a --network?

Yes, that is also possible. You just have to make sure that they are all in the same network and reachable via the hostname that gets set (like for example “redis” in the example above).

Hi, I built queue and worker successfully
But I have more some questions. Could you take more time for me?

1. Could I assign any worker for any workflow in main-n8n?

Just some workflows which I built takes more executions at the same time. Could I be able to assign some workers for only some workflows take more resources?

2. How does worker do in queue?

It will do like this (with every group 3)

Task in queue 3 concurrency working Done
7, 6, 5, 4 3, 2, 1
7, 6, 5, 4 3, 2 1
7, 6, 5, 4 3 2, 1
7, 6, 5, 4 ready! 3, 2, 1
7 6, 5, 4 3, 2, 1

Or like this (with a queue keep in 3)

Task in queue 3 concurrency working Done
7, 6, 5, 4 3, 2, 1
7, 6, 5 4, 3, 2 1
7, 6 5, 4, 3 2, 1
7 6, 5, 4 3, 2, 1

3. Could I use worker with EXECUTIONS_PROCESS

This perhaps help me optimize how a worker do with process, own or main

4. Could I nest workers?

Try to nest from a main-n8n
Main → worker 01 (in network A)
worker 01 → sub-worker 02 (in network B)
worker 01 → sub-worker 03 (in network B)

Use a worker for multi main-n8n
Main-01 → worker 01 (in network A)
Main-02 → worker 01 (in network B)

5. Could I have more option for concurrency?

// This run when build worker docker
n8n worker --concurrency=5

Could I use a variable for main-docker or worker-docker to control concurrency

6. I read about “webhook processor”, but do not understand clearly. Could you give me an “example of usage” or a “usage model”?