I switched mysql, how to import tables and fields?

I switched mysql, how to import tables and fields?

Hey @Hao_Tan!

Can you please describe in a bit more detail? Are you talking about changing the database for n8n? If yes, you can use the CLI to export and import the data. You can learn more that in our documentation.

I migrate to mysql, don’t I need to create tables and fields in mysql? Is there any tool to import directly?

If you mean, Getting all data of MySQL table.

Use MySQL Node and Select ‘Execute Query’ from the Operation dropdown list.

Put the Below code in the appearing textbox


Is this what you’re looking for?

No, He wants to switch the n8n backend to MySQL and is wondering how to go from SQLite to Mysql and is confused about the fact how he’s supposed to create the correct tables and fields for it

Yes it is,I have built a new project, and I want to switch the back-end data to the mysql driver. How do I create fields?

I got absolutely no idea man, I was stuck on the same when i wanted to do it haha

You do not need to create the table structures. Just set the env variables for MySQL, and when n8n starts again, it’s going to create all the tables in MySQL for you. This is possible because n8n uses TypeORM under the hood. If you also want to move the workflows and the credentials, you use the CLI.

Oh. I understood it wrong.

Sorry for that.