I want to n8n to link between nocoDB and slack

I want to get data from nocoDB and post it on slack

Hey @job_email,

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Have you already tried to do this? It would be handy to know how far you managed to get and if you are seeing any errors.

the error is i’m receiving empty row body on slack or Mattermost

Do you have any screenshots or an example workflow to share so we can see what you are doing?

I can have a direct call with you to show you everything

email and name are empty

Can you share the workflow json so we can see what you are trying to send to Mattermost? I also can’t see a NocoDB node there so I am not sure how you are trying to get the data from it.

please i can’t share them in public

this is webhook

Does the webhook node actually have that data coming from it?

How do you have nocodb sending data to the webhook? Can you share the output of the webhook node with any private fields replaced with test values?

It is normally easier to just paste the workflow here as well.

You see in title 01 it returns “Sample Long text” like it’s the type of the row not the content

and in the production i got an empty data