Icons for workflows


I would like to suggest adding icon for workflow. I would see the icon on the left of wf title in wf page and wf list.
The icon set I would suggest be node icons (I don’t know if it cools on legal way).

I play recently much Factorio and there blueprints has icon with 1-4 most used items. I would see the same 1-4 most used nodes as icon.

As @BramKn mentions, I forgot to say that I would see icons can be changed. Since that I would suggest some button “autoIcon” what would generate icons according to wf.

Let me know what do you think about the idea.

Hey @Shirobachi

Don’t forget to vote your self. :wink:
An icon would be nice, as long as you can set it yourself. Or some kind of image or something like that. Not sure if you were suggesting it, but like in Factorio would not work at all. As SET en Merge nodes would probably be used a lot for example.

ps. Factorio is Awesome!

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Hi @Shirobachi
thanks for the cool idea. The way I work around this is using emojis in workflow (or node) names. Not as versatile as having a custom image, but it works :wink:


Thats a great Idea!