If condition to match the value in all data

I am pulling up the data from 2 places:
a. Excel sheet
b. Strapi

I wanted to setup an “IF” condition to see if the strapi’s A1 data is available in Excel’s A1 whole column. The condition runs only once and compare it with only A1 .

For example:
if strapi returns a big data, I want to see if “value1” is available anywhere in columnA(whole column)Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 4.25.47 PM

Hi @ajaysheoran2323, welcome to the community :tada:

To check if a value from one node is available in the values returned by another node, you might want to look at the Merge node. It offers a Keep Key Matches option for this (and also the opposite, Remove Key Matches, if needed):

Thanks MutedJam.
I actually do not want to merge the data… just want to put an if else condition that if only one “value” in strapi output is available on whole row(may be row A) in excel.