If Node - How to check and validate the HTTP Status code

I am new to n8n and I am trying to check HTTP status code to take next steps in the workflow. Doesnt matter what I do HTTP status code cannot be validated. Tried String / Number data type and it doesn’t work. Any example will help

Retyping the question: If the HTTP code is not 200/ 201 how to validate and move to next steps. What can we do the same? Any Ideas

If the response is none 200/201 n8n will error by default. If you want that n8n ignores the response-code you can add set under “Options” the option “Ignore Response Code” and set it to “true”.
If you additionally want to know the exact response code that got returned, then you also have to add the option “Full response” and set it also to “true”.

The “IF Node” to validate response condition is not working when “Ignore Response Code” and the response code is not 200/201. Once the error condition is ignored all the other steps are expected to work like normal?

Did you test what I proposed?