IF node is not working for equal operator

IF node is not validating the condition properly

Always fall in the true

If you see in the above image, I have used equal operator but it seems like not working. The value one is false and value two is true with equal operator falls under the true branch.

Can someone help on this? I might be wrong though.

Hey @Siva_Nagarajan,

A similar issue was reported earlier today, What version of n8n are you running and can you share the data and the expression you are using?

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Hi @Jon ,

I have updated the n8n version two days ago. I have updated n8n version from 0.187.2 to 0.200.1

Hi @Jon,

  "payload": {
    "operations": [
        "action": "EditOperation",
        "changes": {
          "idempotencyKey": "75327e28-a1e5-4c45-89bb-3d69a31e6363",
          "newActivityId": "533f4caa-0978-4fe8-b631-fcb2b00d1a84",
          "activityId": "3038a599-17f3-4c22-b476-b3c1d03a8c2b"

Also IF node

Can you check with the payload? The payload is nothing but previous node’s result. I’m just checking that weather the payload has a property called title.

Hey @Siva_Nagarajan,

For me this one works as expected, Can you give it a test?

Hi @Jon,

It seems you have used the same code what I had in my workflow. But here it always falls under true branch even I don’t have title property in payload.

Anyway, Let me give it a try and comeback.

Hi @Siva_Nagarajan I had a similar problem yesterday, and what worked for me (as a work around), is when I changed the Operation from Equal to Contain …

Here’s a copy of the worklow that I use to check if a server volume is mounted (macOS), and if not, mount it …

@Jon n8n Desktop App 1.6.0 / n8n 0.182.0