IF Node (NoItemsLeft)

I have an IF Node with a “NoItemsLeft” condition why its always throwing True even theres a file?

I have a splitinBatches node connected to IF Node (NoItemsLeft )there’s a 6 files need to process then once there’s noitemleft it will go to the next set of node, then once the set of node processed there’s some missing records in the output, Like example i have a 276 records but it will only retrieved 270 if the IF node is connected to splitinbatches but if i manually run it using manual trigger it will retrieved the complete records.

This is my workflow:

the yellow circle is the first IF node with a condition of NoItemsLeft (6 items that need to process first)
the Pink one is the NoItemsLeft too for the items of the gsheets then connected to the next set of nodes

Hey @Hayme Welcome to the community!

Maybe I have misinterpreted your question but looking at the top screenshot the IF node is doing as you ask.
The way I have interpreted that is as follows.
IF value A(in this case is true) is Equal to value B(Which is also true) then this would be pushed through the True branch.

If this interpretation is incorrect please let me know.

Also you can copy your workflow and insert it into your post here someone else might be able to provide a more direct answer to your question. You can do this by highlighting and copying the nodes in question and then pasting them here in between tripple backticks!


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