IF node not working as expected with SET node - Filtering multiple items from Notion Get Child Blocks request

In the workflow below, I use a Get Child Blocks operation from the Notion node to get child blocks of a page; typically 4-5 blocks are given.

I then use the IF node to filter these blocks; the exact filter being:

$json["toggle"]["text"][0]["plain_text"] === "Onboarding"

This works fine if I manually specify the compare value (see IF:value=manual); but if I specify the exact same value using the Set node, it doesn’t work (see IF:value=set)

Would be grateful for any feedback if I have made a mistake, but seems pretty simple and not sure why its not working as expected


You need merge set and Notion node’s output first, When N8N output have multiple output it seems only the first item can use expression from another node

Great, thank you very much - this worked.

For anyone interested, this is the workflow that resolves the issue: