IF - String - Help

Hi all

I’ve managed to get IF Booleans to work but cannot seem to get the ‘String’ to work in my example.

See images. If for example I have the value 1 as {{$json[“fields”][“Opted out”]}}

How do I write Value 2 (if I want look for “Yes” as in the Air Table image)? I’ve tried Yes, ‘Yes’, and “Yes” and none of them appear to work?

Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 21.18.26

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Stephen,

is “Value 1” marked / added as Expression?

Hi Ben

I’ve managed to sort this now thank you. I’ve realised it was a bit of complex issue where my table had about 7500+ records. I thought the easy way would be to copy the json from one of the conditions, and just change the name within it to reflect the different column. However - after about 100 different attempts - I realised it wasn’t working because when testing each individual node, because the String I was looking for didn’t appear as ‘Yes’ until about the 7000th record, n8n couldn’t for some reason see the json field, hence the issue. When I then realised this and changed the 1st record in the Airtable column, to represent ‘Yes’ it then worked (basically it appears that if the specific ‘IF’ condition you are looking for doesn’t appear within the first small batch of results from Airtable - having used ‘Airtable List’ - all records, n8n cannot see the json fields for selection).