If you could wish for 1x n8n tutorial video, what would it be?

Hi all :wave:

Max from n8n here. You might recognize my face from the n8n quickstart video.

We have gotten various feedback from our users, especially newcomers, that they’d like to see more tutorial and educational video content. Makes sense!

With that in mind, please think back to your first sessions and weeks using n8n (or your current experience if you’re new here). After watching the quickstart video, what would you have wanted to see next? What concept would you liked to have known? Especially ones that maybe were difficult for you to understand but would have been easier with a quick video.

Any feedback you can give would be very helpful! I’ll be trying to earmark some time for tutorial videos in the next months and want to make sure we’re creating useful content for new users :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!