If you're an n8n creator, this template is for you!

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a small workflow for N8N creators that showcases a card that can be used anywhere, just like GitHub cards.

Since it’s in SVG format, you can host it anywhere. Treat it like a normal image, so you can embed it on any site, forum, or page that supports posting images. Here’s an example code for Markdown:

[![n8n Creator Profile](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Automations-Project/n8n-templates/main/n8n-team.svg)](https://n8n.io/creators/n8n-team)

Here’s the result:
n8n Creator Profile

Alternatively, have it served through a CDN with caching:
n8n Creator Profile

The main use case is to include it on all your workflow sticky notes, which will give your fans the latest updates on your work and is great for personal branding on your creator’s page.

Feel free to use, edit, or reshare it with a new design on the creators’ templates.


That’s a cool and innovative idea, love it!

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