IMAP Custom email rules don't work

I can’t set the filter for IMAP to read only unread messages and filter by Message Subject.

['UNSEEN', ['SUBJECT', 'SMS Backup']]

Does this feature even work?

I did it according to the documentation - DOC

Hey @a1ekseev!

It is working for me. Are you getting any errors? I would also suggest you update n8n and enable the Force reconnect option.

Looks like you should have used double quotation marks.

["UNSEEN", ["SUBJECT", "SMS Backup"]]

Although in the documentation the examples are with single quotes.

Glad you got to the bottom of it, and thanks for posting your solution here, @a1ekseev. We’ll update the docs.

Thank you for making this beautiful product.


You’re welcome! Would love to hear a bit more about what you’re doing with n8n — what problems are you using it to solve?

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