IMAP Email Node - Get Junk/Spam Mail

Hey everyone!

I am trying to get email from the Junk folder via the IMAP Email node. Getting mail from Inbox is working great.

I’ve tried setting the folder in custom rules at the bottom, and also tried in the Mailbox name.

I’m getting this error:

(I’ve blanked out the mailbox credentials)

Also, in the docs it mentions:
Mailbox Name field: The mailbox from which you want to receive emails.”
Is there a way I can get “ALL”?

I am using n8n Cloud.

Any help is appreciated!

Hey @reachlayer,

That error looks like the mailbox name is incorrect, I am not sure what Outlook actually calls the Junk mailbox though. Have you tried Junk or Spam to see if they work?

Hey @Jon,

Thanks for your response. Much appreciated

I have tried Junk, Junk Email, Spam and a few others. I’ll do some more testing.

Do you know if there’s a way to check all folders globally?


Hey @reachlayer,

Sorry for the delay, I am not aware of a global option.