Imap node not triggering

Hi … I have this very simple setup. I would like to get messages when an email pops-up unter a gmail label. I have observed this for a while and I have the problem that it doesn’t trigger automatically.
When I go run the workflow manually it works but it doesn’t work in the background. Does anyone have any idea?


Did you activate the workflow (in the top right corner)?

Have not heard that it does not work at all but we had reports that it stops to work for some users after a while. We are still investigating:

yes … the workflow is activated

A possible fix got released with [email protected]

Please test and give feedback. Thanks a lot!

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Looks good … first test was positive.


Thanks, that is great to hear! Lets hope it will still be working in a few days and weeks!

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regrets … but seems to be broken again in 0.121.0


Hey @daniello!

We added a Force Reconnect option to the node in v0.120.0. Did you try enabling that?

now I did … enabled … default 60 … will see if something changes

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after restarting the workflow it triggered … don’t know if this proves anything.

Is this 60 seconds?

The time is in minutes. So the node will try to connect to the email service every 60 minutes.

Do let us know if you are still facing issues.

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