Import credentials_entity & shared_credentials tables

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I had a discussion a few months ago with @Jon about CLI exporting credentials command that didn’t work.

My goal here is to know if we are doing it the right way to avoid any possible problems later.

In fact we currently use n8n (0.216.3) and we decided to start with a fresh install with the last n8n version (1.6.1).

Last n8n version has been installed successfully and use postgresSql. (here we use same N8N_ENCRYPTION_KEY as @Jon suggested before)

Now we need to import our datas :

  • Workflows : no problem here, we use n8n Public API and it works like a charm.

  • Credentials : we use credentials_entity & shared_credentials tables from n8n (0.216.3) & import it in the same tables (in the last n8n version postgres database (1.6.1)), we have noticed that Ids has now changed and handle it as 16 caracter random strings.

It seems to work, credentials now appears in the new n8n version.

Do I forgot something ? or Everything should be ok with credentials ?

Thanks for your feedback

Hey @fmarrot,

Those look like the correct tables to copy over, The newer versions of n8n support both nanoids and the older id so the 2 different types shouldn’t matter. My only worry about copying the tables is something could go wrong with the user IDs so it would be worth testing if you have multiple users.

Hey @Jon I guess with N8N_USER_MANAGEMENT_DISABLED=true it should be fine for us ?

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Yeah if you are not using it now you should be fine.

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