Import from MAKE

I have some workflows from MAKE, my boss wants me to “translate” that to N8N, cant import the json to n8n, is not working i guess. Any clues how to import those workflows ? Thanks you :smiling_face:

Hi @Fernanda_Silva

Yes, you simply cannot do that. :slight_smile:
Also because Integromat works a bit different versus n8n and you can develop a lot better flows in n8n compared to Integromat.
I’ve helped multiple clients transfer flows from Integromat in the past and most users find it actually pretty easy to develop better flows in n8n that do the same as their old Integromat flows.

So just start with some simple ones and work your way through them. :slight_smile:


Thanks, the fact is i want to connect a googlesheet, im obligated to use google console? in integromat i only login with the google account.

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On n8n cloud you can do the same as with Integromat.

On self hosted you have to set it with the google management console indeed.


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