Improve DX in the Code Node (with formatting, fullscreen editing, ...)


I write some Custom JS code in “Code Node” in the editor, and the experience could be improved by

  • adding a button to format code
  • increasing the number of code lines seen on a small screen (both width and height), for example with a “toggle fullscreen” button

I’m not a UX expert so buttons may not be the best choice :slight_smile:

Thanks again for this amazing product

What do you mean? Is it not formatting good enough?

You have that button in the bottom-right corner…

Plus you can drag and move the right and left panels to increase the size of the window.

There is an existing feature request for a full screen code editor, It would be worth voting on that and making this one around formatting.

As I’m self-hosting, I wasn’t on the latest version and didn’t have the “Open Edit Worfklow” button, thanks :slight_smile:
On small screen (13inch), even when dragging the panel, when I write some program, the editor is still too narrow. But it’s not horrible though :slight_smile:

For the code formatting, I was thinking of something like this

  • a button to “format code” that uses prettier basic configuration

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yeah, that one would be nice.

Especially for any field that uses expressions and a JSON :smile: