Improved Nextcloud Support

About Nextcloud

Nextcloud Hub is the industry-leading, fully open-source, on-premises content collaboration platform. Teams access, share and edit their documents, chat and participate in video calls and manage their mail and calendar, and projects across mobile, desktop, and web interfaces.

We Already Have A NextCloud Node?

I know, But It Needs Improvements

Nextcloud Node :cloud:

The Nextcloud node for n8n doesn’t have support for all the apps on nextcloud, usually, I have to find myself manually creating HTTP nodes in order to access the application API’s on different next cloud apps.

Nextcloud has too many apps we can’t add support for all of them

While this is true, adding support for the official apps would go a long way
here is the list of official/featured Nextcloud apps with their respective API docs

By Adding Support it means that it would be available with the correct options

Am I willing to work on this?

Time is the only issue