In user management - how to update the user information and the corresponding api for that?

Hi N8N Team,
after integrating n8n in my product in the user management part ,I can able to create and delete user using the following API in n8n
1)POST “http://localhost:5678/rest/users/{id}” —create user
2)DELETE “http://localhost:5678/rest/users/{id}”—delete user
In my product we have an option called update user , so is there any API or option for updating an user in n8n ?


Hi @praveen, I am afraid this functionality isn’t currently available in the official REST API. I believe the team is considering adding this as a pro feature at a later time, but perhaps @sirdavidoff can confirm the exact plans.

Hi Team, Is there an alternate solution to achieve user updation until the official API is released? This is critical to the application embedding that we are trying.
We don’t want to delete and add back users as an alternate solution as that will cause other issues.


Hi @Pranay,
the only ready to use option available now is PATCH /rest/me to Update the logged-in user’s settings, except password. You can take a look at the route implementation here. You could use that to add a route to PATCH /users/{id} accepting user ids instead of using the logged in user id.

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