Inactive products not available through the Odoo API


I don’t get inactive products via the API when using the Odoo node, is there any way to change this? Or does the Odoo API not provide this in general?


Hey @donniedarkowindsalt,

Is products a custom resource in Odoo, I am not that familiar with it but knowing where it sits would be handy to work out if it is possible.

I think it’s part of the sales app developed by Odoo, not sure if that makes it a custom resource? I’m definitely using the Custom Resource Actions within the n8n Odoo Node.

Hey @donniedarkowindsalt,

I guess if it is under custom resource it will be part of that, It doesn’t look like we filter anything out when making the request so it could be that the API doesn’t return it or there is an option we would need to set to get them.

If I get a chance I will take a look and see if I can find anything in the Odoo API docs.

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