Inconsistent JSON formatting from different Notion Nodes

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Different Notion nodes return different formatted JSON, depending on …?
Some Notion Nodes return for the property name “Property One”

  • “property_property_one”

others return

  • “Property One”

In one type symbols like “±üöä” are replaced by a “_” other times not?


Share the output returned by the last node

Example one:

“id”: “efg”,
“name”: “NAME”,
“url”: “”,
property_aufschlag_an_netto_f”: 0,
property_dienstleister”: [

Example two:



“id”: “bcd”,
TS zurückgestellt”: null,
TS Abschluss”: null,
“kljhkl”: [


Information on your n8n setup

  • current version running docker, nothing special

Hey @mellesc,

Can you share a workflow that reproduces this?

another example and more information.

The getAll Database Page Node, will change the key name from E-Mail to property_e_mail if the simplify flag is set

The notion trigger node will keep the “correct” key names either way



Hey @mellesc,

Perfect, So I believe on the simplify we attempt to clean up the output from the Notion API so I would expect there to be a difference between Simplify and not having Simplify enabled. Looking at the code for both nodes though they seem to use the same Simplify function and the same API call in Notion so it should be the same output.

I will do some digging when I get a chance to see if there is anything else different in the requests.

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