Increase the waiting time (node)

Hey community,

I want to add more waiting time to my node/workflow, for the dropcontact node i’m recieving this error :

{“error”:“Request not ready yet, try again in 30 seconds”,“description”:“Hint: Increase the Wait Time to avoid this error”}

It looks like the maximum waiting time is 3 minutes… how can i avoid this error please ? thanks

Hi @TheG

There is a wait node for adding a wait into your workflow.

The actual node timesout, do the wait node will help me on this ?

Hi @TheG, do you mean the workflow execution times out? 3 minutes would be the maximum allowed execution time for workflows on the n8n cloud Start plan I am afraid. Can you confirm whether you encounter the same issue on a self-hosted or desktop n8n instance?

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Hi @MutedJam, i’m on the the cloud hosted option, i haven’t tried it in the self-hosted or the desktop app.
There is a workaround for this ?

Hi @TheG, I am not sure yet and would need to play around with this node a bit more to understand it first.

But first, let’s make sure a longer wait time in the node actually solves the problem. Could you download the desktop and run your workflow on there? It’s available on Get started with n8n and should not have any execution time limitations.