Insert Image in to a body gmail

Good afternoon community, how are you doing!

I am here to ask a couple of questions.

  1. Is it possible to insert an image in the Gmail body?
  2. From a google sheets if I paint a row of a color, is there a way to keep that color? Because what I do is: Get the info from a sheets, and convert it into an image and then paste it in the body of the mail.

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @Internalit_Automatio
thanks for getting in touch!

The Gmail Node by default allows only adding images as attachments (and not embed/inline).

Some alternative strategies to solve your problem:

1. Use an HTML Table
Since you want to embed a table in your email, you could actually select the HTML “Email Type” in the Gmail Node and build an HTML table there with the data and formatting you need. Probably the easiest solution!

2. Store your images on Google Drive
You could store the images you want to embed on Google Drive, and reference them in the email body with the HTML tag <img src="http://your-image-url">. In this case, pay attention to using the correct “embeddable” URL of the image (you should use the field thumbnailLink that you can retrieve with
the Google Drive Node)

I hope one of these solutions can solve your problem, let me know if you need more assistance


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