INSERT option throwing error on questdb node

I have a workflow to get some data from an API and send them to questdb. In the questdb node, I am using INSERT operation instead of QUERY operation. I am getting this error after execution. ERROR: ‘,’ expected

I have attached my workflow as well.

Thank you.

n8n version is 0.201.0 and is installed in Azure

Hi @Dhanya_V_Sagar, if the insert operation fails, perhaps you can simply use the Execute Query operation of the QuestDB node to manually write a workign query for your database?

Like so:

As for the actual error, perhaps you can provide some more details on how to reproduce this problem? Ideally, you’d narrow it down to just two nodes (one node returning some mock data, the other one being the QuestDB node). It’d be great if you could also confirm which version of QuestDB you are using and how the simplest possible database schema required to reproduce this problem looks like (ideally just the columns required to reproduce your problem rather than 25 different columns with unknown data types).

Thank you so much!

Hi @MutedJam Thank you for the reply.
I usually use queries. In the said scenario, the issue was due to spreadsheet node. The API call returns some fields as empty. So in the spreadsheet node, instead of blank spaces , it shows [undefined]. This will throw an error in questdb query. I was hence trying to use ‘Insert’ instead of the actual query. I have used a function node to resolve the issue, which replaces [undefined] with 0s. I am hence able to use the query. But I would like to know what happened with insert option.

I tried with a somple flow, which I have attached herewith. It creates a table which uses the Query. For insert, I am using the insert option, which is showing the error: , expected.

The questdb version is: 6.5.4

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