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Hello guys,

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i’m trying to add an image on my google doc i follow the same as i started prevously
I have an image , i have the table reference index , it insert a row in the table

What i don’t understand is where i defined that the image must be inserted ?

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the start index is “startIndex”: 287,

Can you lead me where to define the picture to include at this index ?

Thank you

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Hi @Thierry66, this isn’t something the Google Docs node supports, so you might want to write a feature request for this.

For the time being, you would need to make the required API Request (this method with this request element) through the HTTP Request node. From looking at the documentation, this endpoint does not support uploading images though, so you would need to upload your image to another service first, then insert the image through its URL.

I gave this a go on my end and after seeing what I believe has to be all the errors the Google Docs API has to offer this approach worked for me:

Recording 2022-12-01 at 15.16.23

Hope this helps!

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Hello @MutedJam

I got it, I will try with onedrive or dropbox.

Thank you

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