Install n8n error

Hello, team!

I am having difficulties installing n8n on my server.

I requested the team and used this tutorial as a reference:

Unfortunately we had these errors below:

Installing the latest version of Node :

npx n8n

and those errors were logged in:

As you may confirm below:

Screenshot by Lightshot

Then I tried to install it with the second command that you was provided in the guide:

npm install n8n

and then the following errors were returned:

As you could verify below:



n8n start

However, both returned the following errors:

[[email protected]]# n8n start
-bash: n8n: command not found
[[email protected]]# n8n
-bash: n8n: command not found

Please, keep in mind that I have also allowed the provided in the instructions port - 5678

What can I do? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi welldoads,

Does it work if you run it with the following command ?

./node_modules/n8n/bin/n8n start


Owww! Thanks! :smiley: