Install N8N on Google Cloud Free Tier E2 micro-instance

I wanted to play around with n8n so I created a python script that generates a terraform file that deploys n8n, FastAPI and Cloudflare Tunnel (for SSL support) on a Google always free tier E2 micro-instance. The repo is linked below if you wanna give it a try.


Made quite a few tweaks this morning that improve the installer. Removed things that didn’t need to be installed (Apache2), no longer opening port 5678 since Cloudflare Tunnel doesn’t require it, switched from using Docker-Compose to Docker Compose Plugin and migrated to installing Docker and Cloudflared from their respective apt repositories (to make upgrading software easier.) Also, added an updater script to make maintaining the installed software easy. If you’re looking for a free self-hosting solution on GCP this is working great for me. Open to feedback / ideas to make this simpler or more useful but suspect it might get challenging to maintain if it’s significantly more automated (eg bash script to check for required client dependencies and assist with configuring and running the python script.)