Installation error on ubuntu version 20

Docker Compose - n8n Documentation I installed from this url and I am using Ubuntu 20 version all the steps i did as per given link

But while executing point no 8 ( start docket i am getting error )

what to do in this case

My docker version is
Docker version 20.10.23, build 7155243

docker-compose version 1.29.2, build 5becea4c

docker-py version: 5.0.0

CPython version: 3.7.10

OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.1.0l 10 Sep 2019

Hi @chandan988, which command exactly is throwing the error for you? Would that be one starting with docker compose? This will most likely fail for you because you are using an older version of docker compose. You should probably upgrade as suggested on their website: Install the Compose plugin | Docker Documentation

Alternatively, you can replace docker compose (with a whitespace) with docker-compose (with a dash) to use your currently installed version of compose.

I also noticed we still mention installation instructions for the older version on our docs page, I’ve raised a PR to get this changed. I am very sorry for the confusion here.

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