Installing n8n on compatible armv6 processor?

Hello, I have a Raspberry Pi Card with an ARM V6 processor. I use it as a server and I can’t install n8n. Indeed, whether on Docker or Npm (Node.js) I get error messages but I just understood why. The N8N documentation specifies that a minimum version 18 of Node.js is required. However, for ARM V6 processors the compatible version of NodeJS is version 11 or 12… Do I really need to buy a more recent raspberry with an arm V7 or V8 processor or is there a solution for Arm V7 processors? ?

Hey @Justin_D,

You would need newer hardware or to use an older version of n8n (which I wouldn’t recommend). Sadly we have to keep up with supported versions of NodeJS which helps us create a better overall solution and it reduces the risk of security issues from older node versions.