Installing n8n on Render

I haven’t found this anywhere, even searched github and twitter.

What’s the proper way to install n8n on hosting?

Should I use Docker? NPM? I assume it’s not too different from Heroku, but in case anyone have the right github so I could fork, it would make my life much easier.


Hey @EB_BR,

The proper way would be whatever render needs but also what you are happy and able to manage after all you will need to manage the instance and do any config changes / updates. It looks like they have docker as an option so that would probably be the first thing I would try and it should be the easiest assuming render allows for persistent storage.

Thanks @Jon, knowing Docker is a good option is already a start.

Now I need to understand how to configure the render.yaml and Dockerfile.render.

I have this as a base: GitHub - n8n-io/n8n-heroku

And this but for custom containers, which I don’t really need: GitHub - omarkhairy21/try-n8n: Deploy n8n with custom nodes to render by docker

But I guess I’ll still need a good soul to help me doing that.

Hey @EB_BR,

I did a quick search and found this… GitHub - lchanc3/n8n-render-latest it is using an older version of n8n but it seems like it might do the job if you are planning to use Postgres as well.

After several hours, finally got it to work, I’ll share here with the community when done.

But now facing another issue, to keep it running using a persistent storage so things don’t get lost when booted.

I already have the disk created on the .yaml, but don’t know all the stuff that must be configured for n8n to use it.

I found on the forum different explanations, like adding

- n8n_storage:/data/db/.n8n

but doesn’t seem to work. What am I missing?

Does Render support persistent storage? You can kind of get around that requirement by using an external database which is what the GitHub repo I found yesterday was doing.

It does and it’s already activated. I just need to make n8n run on that folder (/data/db), but don’t know what settings must be changed for that.

Try setting the mount path to /home/node/.n8n assuming that is the path in the container.

Yes, it worked doing that! Thanks a lot.

This is the github for n8n using render web service + postgres + persistent storage in case anyone needs:


Eduardo Borges

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