Installing nodes-modules using Node Dev CLI

Hello everyone,
I am trying to create a node using the Node Dev CLI method for internal testing, but I am not able to import some modules such as lossless-json.
Anybody has faced this issue?

Thank you very much

Hey @adricampi!

Are you adding the library to package.json? Here’s a post that might be helpful: Unable to install n8n-nodes-module

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I will try that just know, and will answer you asap.
Thanks for the tip.

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That is what I want to do, but when I develop a node some of the dependencies/libraries I use such as
lossless-json doesn’t work. But in the folder where the project is there is no package.json document.

Any ideas?

lossless-json it’s already a dependency in n8n. You should not have issues using it within a node.