Integer Image Upload on LinkedIn Node

My use case:

I am about to automate posts on LinkedIn but I cannot do it with an image integrated, with the node. The image is very important on LinkedIn posts in order to get good engagement. That is why I truly think making this possible in the LinkedIn node is such a pertinent request.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

no, unfortunaltely

Hi there, not sure I understand your use case completely, but I think you are experiencing an issue that others have had in the past, but should have been fixed. Please check this thread and let me know if it helps!


Thanks for help, I have a question:
In the thread, is it done with the LinkedIn node?
If yes then how?
If no, then my request makes sens.

Kind Regards

It looks like it’s still broken. I would follow that thread however to know when it is fixed.

My question was: Is this done with the LinkledIn node or HTTP requests ?

I haven’t tried the HTTP Request node for this, but I suppose in theory it’s doable.

Hello @djangelic
Yes it is !
How do you do it via the LinkedIn node, I did not find the way to upload images.

Hi there, to upload images, you will want to follow Microsofts documentation found here Image API - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn

As you can see, the Linkedin api is very complex, so this will not be easy. My recommendation to you is to start by finding the API image call you want to do, copy the curl command, and import curl in the HTTP request node so all the data points are at least correct that you will send. From there, if you can use the linkedin Auth for http request, even better.

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